Cyborg Inc. is set to showcase the world’s fastest wireless data transfer technology at CES. Stealth Wireless, Cyborg’s wireless telecom project, operates at a rate of 12 terabits/second and has a maximum theoretical bandwidth of 24.8 exabits/second. In a time where the world is turning to wireless integration throughout all sectors, Stealth Wireless shows promise of a faster, more reliable wireless tech.

What: Cyborg Inc. to demonstrate the world’s fastest wireless at CES 2016
When: Wednesday, Jan. 6 – Saturday, Jan. 9
Where: Sands Expo Center, Hall G, Booth 82740

About Cyborg Inc.
Founded in 2013 by Nicolas Dupont, Cyborg Inc. (Cyborg Industries) is a rapidly growing telecommunications research and development firm. While projects range from cryptography to compression, the main focus of research is on improved data transfer technologies, including Stealth Wireless, the fastest wireless network to date. To learn more, follow us on Twitter and check the website for updated and additional information on our projects!

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